Saturday, 18 September 2021

The real problem - why is she there?

Living, and having ever lived, amid idealisms, she was too subjective in her interpretation of phenomena so new to her. 

George Gissing - A Life's Morning (1888)

In Angela Rayner's case that would be phenomena provided by reality such as human reproductive biology. That's certainly one she should have grasped, but apparently not -

Angela Rayner has “doubled down on her support for trans people”, according to the perennial drongos over at journalism parody PinkNews. This afternoon, Ms Rayner — presumably taking a break from her day job as an MP to work within Labour’s burgeoning side-hustle as “Demolition Experts (Red Walls Only)” — retweeted the article with the inane addendum:

Solidarity with my trans brothers and sisters today and always. The Labour Party is absolutely committed to advancing trans rights and updating the GRA to introduce self-declaration for trans people and upholding the Equality Act. Your fight is our fight.


To criticise people such as Angela Rayner may be necessary, but the real problem is why she is in a position to warrant it. Should she really have the opportunity to be preposterous in a position where it matters?


Sam Vega said...

"Solidarity with my trans brothers and sisters..."

Who used to be my sisters and brothers?

The Jannie said...

It's the old adage again - be an idiot but don't open your mouth and prove it. What is it that drives these anatomy deniers to have to inflict their views on the real world - the need to feel one better than the rest of us?

DiscoveredJoys said...

It's strange how certain words irritate me. Solidarity is one of them. It should be something uplifting about a community pulling together... but in practice it draws a line around 'my team' and excludes those outside it.

It's often used by politicians as a way of sounding profound, but few are prepared for the careful thought and self-sacrifice that may be required.

On the other hand I can tick off another box on my Political Jargon Bingo card, so it's not all bad.

wiggiatlarge said...

Should she really have the opportunity to be preposterous in a position where it matters?

No but they are queuing up in the Labour party at the moment to be ever more preposterous, they have the edge over the Conservatives in this at the moment, but Boris has his UN eco summit coming up to be even more preposterous in those matters than he has been so far.

A K Haart said...

Sam - if only she'd said that... if only.

Jannie - I'm not sure what drives them but it sure isn't sanity.

DJ - it's a pity that so many words are degraded by political use. Be careful of that Political Jargon Bingo card though - it could become depressing.

Wiggia - it seems to be a captive audience issue. Too few voters are willing to look beyond the big parties so they get away with the most absurd political rackets.