Friday, 17 September 2021

Stuck in a time loop

A PARANORMAL investigator believes a photo taken at a former Working Men's club in York is "100 per cent" evidence of spirits.

The picture was published on Rightmove by Ashtons Estate Agents as part of the listing for the former New York Club & Institute on Blossom Street.

It appears to show two figures - wearing a black jacket, jeans which are slightly frayed at the leg and black shoes - looking out of a now boarded up window.

We asked Alex Brown - the man behind The British Paranormal Society, followed over 40,000 people on Facebook - what he thought about the strange image...

The York-based expert believes the photo has captured people who are stuck in a time loop or people whose energy is trapped in the building.

Could be worse I suppose - stuck in a time loop. Stay with a known shambles rather than having to adapt to an endless series of new ones. Yes - apart from being dead there are advantages.


Sam Vega said...

A time loop in a York working men's club would be particularly distressing. It's one of the last remaining bricks in Labour's red wall. Jokes about Pakistanis, glitter ball, dead flies, and Theakston's.

DiscoveredJoys said...

I always end up shouting at those ghost hunter programmes on TV. "Turn on the lights!!!" or "Come back in daylight!!!". A more parsimonious description is not ghosts or spirits but people putting the willies up themselves in the dark or the television producers 'creating' special effects to improve viewing figures.

Similarly my first reaction to stories about mysterious images in photographs is not 'time loops' or spirits but somebody having a laugh or making stuff up for attention.

Doonhamer said...

From the title I thought that this would be about the recurrant, repeating, nonsense about masks, social distancing, another month, another "This time it will work, honest guv," jab.
Then there is the "We have only six months to save the planet. After that tipping point, no going back, we're doomed, Ah tell ye,, that we have heard for the last 30 years.
And I am still not a robot.But my sinister diodes are giving me gyp.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

Tha's Herbert Thwistlethwaite an' Georgie Plocklesthwich lookin' out fer our Tonietta in case she 'as t'rolling pin in raaaaght 'and...


The Jannie said...

Quick! Send six shouty rednecks and a camera crew! Did someone whisper "gullible"?

A K Haart said...

Sam - cheap Theakston's though.

DJ - I find it all rather weird. So easy to pick holes in it and ask awkward questions. Maybe attention is part of it.

Doonhamer - yet only six months to save the planet is obviously far too late to actually do anything. Even nuttier than the ghost hunters in my view.

Scrobs - I reckon it must be built on the site of Mrs Satterthwaite's boarding house for decayed gentlefolk. The sadness is still oozing out of the walls together with the smell of cabbage and flickering gas mantles.

Jannie - someone probably did whisper "gullible" and made someone else go off looking for a story to fill out a page of adverts.