Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Gosh - BBC accused of twisting the truth

Sir James Dyson exclusive: BBC twisted the truth over my links to the Tories

Sir James Dyson has accused the BBC of a “grotesque mischaracterisation” of his links to the Conservative Party as he denied acting inappropriately over his texts with Boris Johnson.

Time to sack the lot, raze the buildings to the ground and sow the the earth with salt. Too moderate perhaps, but a degree of moderation is surely called for here.


DiscoveredJoys said...

I've said before that organisations over 70 years old (or so) need to be dismantled or taken over by fresh people. Organisations start out with a clear goals and objectives but these are eroded by the interests of people who join later. Religions, charities and Quangos' and Nationalised Industries contain good examples.

The BBC is an excellent example too. Just to be sure we should sow the ground with salt again at right angles to the original sowing to make sure we didn't miss any bits.

Sobers said...

"I've said before that organisations over 70 years old (or so) need to be dismantled or taken over by fresh people."

Forget 70, I'd say 25-30. Once the original founders/reformers (ie those with some sort of missionary zeal and purpose to achieve an external goal) have gone, all thats left are the place holders (who are in it for the money/'career prospects'), and it all goes downhill fast after that. The NHS was failing by the 80s as most of the original staff at nationalisation had gone by then, and it all became about the staff rather than the patient.

wiggiatlarge said...

As Sobers says, plus the fact all who have followed have had schooling by the Marxist and lefty teachers who have infiltrated the system and those same people have now climbed the greasy pole to influence the direction of same institutions, it is a spiral that will not be easy to break.
Peter Hitchens was saying, yesterday, the same about the climate change activists and how with all these people there is never an alternative to their own agenda, you immediately fall into the denier, ill informed or bad person category.

A K Haart said...

DJ - yes it's a good point and worth far more emphasis than it receives. Not that any large and old organisation would ever give it any emphasis of course.

Sobers - another problem is isolation. As public bodies and similar organisations grow and become more centralised, the management seems to lose contact with those who fund it and expect a service. I found local government to be more aware of those they serve than national government ever was.

Wiggia - it's a good point, there never is an alternative to their agenda. Not seeing alternatives is simpler and more comforting.