Tuesday 9 March 2021

The feckless snail

A pleasant day today here in Derbyshire so we buzzed off to Matlock for a coffee and lemon drizzle cake. The only police we saw were attending a minor car accident so maybe the ludicrous enforcement nonsense is behind us. Or maybe not – we’ll see.

It was fairly quiet in Matlock, but there were a few oldies around and a fair number of parents with pre-school kids. All good to see, yet lifting lockdown measures at the pace of a feckless snail is bound make the damage even worse. Unfortunately we are well past the point where it became apparent that some degree of permanent damage may be intentional.

Bearing down on expectations linked to changes required by the ten point plan – this appears to be the most obvious lockdown goal so far. Unless voters come to realise that all main political parties broadly support some kind of green totalitarian politics, then this form of soft repression will continue. We’ll probably see another move in the game this autumn or maybe sooner if an opportunity arises.

Overall conclusion on the coronavirus debacle? After a very pleasant and uplifting morning in the park including coffee and lemon drizzle cake? It’s this – we are governed by some seriously unpleasant bastards. Plus some fools and some who are both. But we knew that.


Sam Vega said...

Note how Whitty is delivering warnings in advance about unlocking too quickly. Despite yesterday's crowing about vaccinating people at a mind-boggling rate, we can expect to see more surges in cases.

We're out on parole, aren't we! The slightest breach of conditions and we all go back on the locked ward.

A K Haart said...

Sam - yet if we look at the numbers for the UK compared to the rest of the world there is no evidence that any of it had any positive effect.