Tuesday 3 October 2023

Pure Vandalism



Sam Vega said...


My war at the moment is against the recycling nutters in my local town hall. I have to leave cooked food waste sweltering in a plastic bin outside my home for two weeks. Then when it gets collected there's half an inch of maggoty scum sloshing around in the bottom, which I have to somehow clean out.

What's the alternative? Just leave it in a tesco carrier bag near the town hall?

James Higham said...

£34.99 of entertainment.

A K Haart said...

Sam - she is good isn't she?

We don't yet have the food waste problem, but one thing I'd perhaps try is to put it in a blender with water, reduce it to the consistency of soup and flush it down the toilet.

James - Lidl is such good value.

Anonymous said...

Don't leave it in a carrier bag, Tesco or other brand, near the town hall. That's littering/fly tipping. Take it into the council offices and leave it on the desk, with a note, obviously leaving out your name and address, explaining why you're doing this, and apologise to the ladies behind the counter for having to put up with the stupidities of the numpties on the top floor.
As well as offering some satisfaction at my rebelling, it allows me to use the bus pass given to me by the said council. Don't do it before 09.30 though, or they won't let you on the bus.

A K Haart said...

Penseivat - that sounds exciting. Surely they would nick you for something.