Monday, 2 August 2021

A vision from another age


Another social and political change which everyone of a certain age will have noticed. It is probably not easy to describe quite what has changed when talking to younger people though. Bound to sound like a mix of nostalgia and myth which it is, but only partly so. 


Scrobs. said...

And I remember all that so clearly!

Sgt Shepherd would patrol our village, and nobody dared cross him!

When I crashed my scooter rather nastily, he was the kindest face of copperdom you could wish to encounter, phrasing my statement to save me any more hurt and pain, and causing me no further grief!

Our village used to have three policemen - including a sergeant. They're all gone now. Burglary, bad manners etc are on the increase, and every copper you see is travelling on blues and twos at sixty miles an hour, presumably to welcome the next immigrants.

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - I bet Sgt Shepherd and a few mates had a way of quietly discouraging local criminals too. These days the local police station, if there is one, is more like a paramilitary barracks.