Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Some people just don't get it

A town mayor has apologised for saying Prime Minister Boris Johnson "completely deserves this" after he was admitted to intensive care.

Sheila Oakes, who is the mayor of Heanor in Derbyshire, made the comments below a Facebook post about the news.

The Amber Valley Labour Group said it had withdrawn the whip, meaning she is no longer a Labour councillor.

Ms Oakes has since apologised and accepted she "made a mistake".

In response to a post asking people to say a "little prayer" for the prime minister on Monday night, Ms Oakes had written: "Sorry, he completely deserves this and he is one of the worst PMs we've ever had."

Certainly makes a chap wonder about people attracted to politics. And voters. This is a guess on my part, but she probably can't even name all the prime ministers "we've ever had", let alone assess their careers.


Mark Wadsworth said...

"One of the worst PMs"?

It's a crowded field!

Graeme said...

And that's only counting the 21st century ones!

Michael said...

"it had withdrawn the whip"


Just can the fat ugly bitch forever!

Your county needs better people than this dross, Mr H!

A K Haart said...

Mark - are crowded fields still allowed?

Graeme - but Corbyn would have made the rest seem almost perfect.

Scrobs - I blame the voters though.