Saturday, 6 October 2012

Dear Mr Cameron

With the Tory party conference almost upon us, I'm sure you have been casting around for the best way to present yourself and your style of what is sometimes termed leadership.

Unfortunately, we now know that you are a liar. I won't go into details, but I doubt if a single person in the entire UK believes your hints on an EU referendum. So if you are inclined to protest that liar is too strong a word, please allow me to disagree. It is not too strong a word. You know it, I know it, we all know it.

Perhaps if you were not speaking from the position of Prime Minister, then your evasions, dissimulation and shading of the truth would be merely regrettable. A reason perhaps for shunning you socially, as I’m sure some principled people do, although we never get to hear about that do we? We have your temporarily loyal staff and your powers of patronage to thank I suppose.

However, you are speaking to us as Prime Minister aren't you Mr Cameron? So your evasion, dissimulation and shading of the truth are more than merely regrettable, they are lies. They are lies because your intent is to deceive – to deceive us the electorate who unfortunately had some hand in electing you to high office. 

Not that we elected you directly, because even that was a somewhat shady game you played with the unelectable Liberal Democrats led by Mr Clegg, a man you probably neither like nor trust. However you did it though, you clawed your way into No 10 with his conditional and somewhat flexible support and there you are – lying to us.

All we ask is that you stop lying and stick to the truth, or at least as close to the truth as anyone may reasonably expect in these complex and difficult times. For that you would earn our respect you see. With respect you could achieve something. Not much I grant you, for you are clearly not a talented man or you would already have deduced this for yourself.


A K Haart


Sam Vega said...

Dear Mr. Haart,

On the strict condition that you do not publicise my correspondence with you on your blog, I would like on this one occasion to speak truthfully with you. Think of it as a service that you are rendering to me, as your leader. You are allowing me to open my heart and speak honestly and truthfully, a situation which (as you acknowledge) is all too often suppressed by the exigencies of leadership.

You fondly suppose that principled people shun me socially because of my lies. My dear chap, how many principled people do you think I encounter? Do you suppose Mr. Osborne blushes when he presents his reports to me, and then tells me how he will present them to the public? Do you suppose Mrs. Brooks has a scrupulous regard for the facts? Mr. Haart, I am so bemired in lies that none of my colleagues would even understand your concerns.

Mr. Haart, speaking the truth now would be impossible. I would not remain your Premier for long if I did so. That may be your intention, but you seem to know me well enough to deduce that it is certainly not mine. No, my desire for truth is as nothing compared to my desire for power. My talent (which you foolishly underestimate) is in part that I both recognise it, and do not give a country supper fart about your opinions.

Yours in pity,

David Cameron.

P.S. I cannot enter too often into these exchanges, but feel free to call me "Dave" in any future posts.

A K Haart said...

Dave - curiously enough, I find your private voice more compelling than your watery public persona.

I also have the impression that your 'friends' such as the unblushing Mr Osborne and his clique know this perfectly well and do you a disservice when they applaud your hammy notions of political stage craft.

Surely, Dave, you know your associates well enough to see why this might be so. I understand your burning desire for power, as do they, but possibly they understand it in a little more depth than you quite realise.

Feel free to drop in any time though Dave, I'm always here to advise.

banned said...

Memo to Theresa May

subject: Security (PM) Eyes Only.

PM is being troubled by AKHAART chappie, pls get 5 to deal with it (quietly, we don't want another Kelly do we LOL).


A K Haart said...

banned - I'll just answer that knock at the door...