Saturday, 6 October 2012

Recent reads

I don't do this often enough to recall even a fraction of the posts I've enjoyed recently, but here are a few that stuck in my leaky mind.

nourishingobscurity - the heart is not a pump. New to me and very interesting.

barnacle bill - cauliflowergate part 1 Health and safety madness on the high seas.
barnacle bill - cauliflowergate part 2

theylaughedatnoah - tyranny in name of freedom case history Horrifying wartime incident.

fountain.blogspot - mps thick-labour mps especially Yes, our MPs are as dim as they seem.

mark wadsworth nick clegg utter utter shit. It's in the title.

angusdei allandsundry cold cuts car crash bulls bollocks beer After the bull's bollocks beer, check out the bit about how many of us think parsnips grow on trees. Are we as thick as our MPs?

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