Monday, 20 March 2017

Perhaps someone was making a point

Since the Labour party leadership debacle I've sometimes wondered if the party knows how many politically hostile people acquired the right to vote in order to elect the most useless candidate. Although the party seems to have a vetting process, I don't think they know.

During my occasional attempts to track down some credible numbers, I came across this article from August 2015. The comments at the end of the piece amused me. There are nine identical comments under nine different names, even though you supposedly have to log in or register to leave a comment. Perhaps someone was making a point.  


Sobers said...

While I'm sure there were people who joined the Labour Party to vote for Corbyn who were really on the Right and were doing it for sheer devilment, I doubt there were that many. A few hundred, maybe even a few thousands. But JC won by miles, so they were never influential in the overall outcome. His victory was indeed down to political infiltration, but from the Left - the usual alphabet soup of Socialist Workers and Marxist fellow travellers who have shifted en masse into the Labour camp. They weren't voting for the most useless candidate, they were voting for the one who would deliver the Labour Party to the Hard Left. And Corbyn is doing exactly that....................

Sam Vega said...

Yes, I agree completely with Sobers.

Many of the juniors in my eldest son's company - venture capitalists - voted for Corbyn because they thought it was a bit of a hoot, and because he was least likely to win against the tories. The Trots love Corbyn, though, and their motivation is enormous. In the picture on the link, he is talking to Tariq Ali: enough said. The real anarch behind this buffonery was, of course, Miliband. In a way, one hopes he never realises what an utter failure and pathetic specimen he is. The shock and ignominy would be too much for him.

Michael said...

I don't think that any vote is worth a light in the Labour Party, as nobody takes any notice of what they say and can't understand what they actually do these days. They just prattle on with meaningless twaddle to a few yawning jounos, and of course the BBC, who believe them, and The Groaniad, which always seems to need money from its readers.

I wonder why?

A K Haart said...

Sobers and Sam - although it feels uncomfortably like guesswork, I agree about the numbers.

Scrobs - yes, that seems to be the trend and the Labour party as a whole must be aware of it.