Thursday, 30 March 2017

Heard in the changing room

Funny how you get up one morning and look in the mirror and suddenly think – God I’m fat. It just happened overnight. I used to be size fourteen but now I’m size twenty.

Obviously not heard by me. Must add that. 


Sam Vega said...

All that fat they remove by liposuction has to go somewhere, so I reckon they are choosing random people to inject with fat in their sleep. To be honest, it must be a hell of a shock when you wake up and look in the mirror.

wiggiatlarge said...

Even worse with advancing age to look in the mirror and see your father !

Demetrius said...

Mirror, mirror on the wall, oops, is that Vlad The Impaler?

A K Haart said...

Sam - so it could be the Fat Fairy at work.

Wiggia - same here, even to the extent of catching my sleeve on door handles just as he did.

Demetrius - so the story about having no reflection is wrong.