Saturday, 11 March 2017

Boo to good advice

From the BBC we have a judges's warning about a familiar issue.

Judge Lindsey Kushner QC said women were entitled to "drink themselves into the ground" but their "disinhibited behaviour" could put them in danger.

Gosh - really? So young women tottering around late at night drunk out of their silly little minds are putting themselves at risk. Amazing. But - 

A female judge's warning that drunk women are putting themselves at greater risk of rape was "victim-blaming", a police commissioner has said.

Victim-blaming? Rape is a horrible crime but the entire world knows there is a risk to young women if they drink too much, whatever the situation. Yet still we have people who seem to think the judge's observation is inappropriate.

There is a notorious risk to young women during the weekend booze-fest but apparently we are supposed to tiptoe around the fact that they are putting themselves in danger if they drink themselves into the ground as the judge put it.

We must tiptoe around it because? Because politically correct reasons I suppose. There are always politically correct reasons. It's time we did something about that.


wiggiatlarge said...

Chief Constables and PCCs would appear to have attended the same group think tanks on political correctness judging from the string of ludicrous statements recently.

Demetrius said...

Is it my imagination, or do young ladies out on a boozy night with young males with limited perspectives tend to wear relatively limited clothing? And is there a lot of arm flinging around people and hugging and tugging. Rather removed from church socials with no alcohol other than the miniatures from the off licences hidden in the coat pockets.

Henry Kaye said...

Old wisdoms currently being booted out in favour of "modern" thinking.

A K Haart said...

Wiggia - that'll go down well in certain areas.

Demetrius - in my limited experience it isn't your imagination. Nothing much is left to the imagination.

Henry - and not much of it involves thinking.

Michael said...

So if I wander around on a Saturday night in just my underpants, will I be a victim too?

Hope so...

James Higham said...

An unpopular opinion but methinks parents need to do far more to keep their daughters to curfews and proper behaviour.

A K Haart said...

Scrobs - location, location.

James - they do, but with peer pressure it isn't easy.