Friday, 1 July 2022

We’re living in the Land of Lies

Kate Dunlop has a good, solid piece of invective in TCW. A fine way begin the month and well worth reading, even if you don't agree with all of it. Because she is right - we are living in the Land of Lies. The global village wasn't supposed to be like this but it is.

I USED to wander through life with a benign view of most people, even liars, excusing them on the grounds that their lying revealed more about their fears and inadequacies than anything else.

However since the emergence of Covid, I have developed severe antibodies to lies and liars; all my erstwhile charity gone and replaced by loathing and a frothing anger.

What’s changed? Well, it’s the ubiquity of the lies and the brazen arrogance of the liars. Corruption and mendacity are daily occurrences in our failing state – bright-faced media quislings lie, our treasonous leaders lie, scientists, educators and doctors lie. Like poison gas from an open sewer, their dissembling seeps inexorably into our consciousness.

Our entire political system is shown up for the sham that it is: democracy smothered by a cabal of globalists with money and power, intent on imposing their authoritarian vision of the future. We see their mercenaries passing themselves off as representatives of the people; cuckoos forcing compliance and misery on those simply looking to live free from oppression and want.

It’s truly a strain to keep up with all the lies – they come so thick and fast. BLM, carbon neutral, Nato peacekeeping, monkeypox, Partygate. There is the current nonsense that our economic malaise is a supply chain issue courtesy of Putin, not the outcome of feckless policy decisions and the printing of money to finance lockdowns.

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Sam Vega said...

A fine piece. I remember talking to a Malaysian bloke in Cambridge, who said he was really shocked when he realised his sister had told a deliberate lie to the family. Not all societies have deteriorated as much as ours. I recommend reading Solzhenytsin's little essay "Live not by lies" every few months. From a different time and place, of course, but very relevant for the modern UK.

Is anyone banking with Halifax?!

Woodsy42 said...

Spot on in my opinion.

James Higham said...

It's good to see people waking up.

A K Haart said...

Sam - I ought to do a blog post quoting Solzhenytsin's essay. Every little helps.

Woodsy - and mine.

James - and I think they are. Perhaps it is all becoming too obvious.