Thursday, 21 November 2019

Like a week in the nut-house

“It’s all beautiful when you read it,” this man said disgustedly, “but when you write it down plain it’s like a week in the nut-house.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald - Financing Finnegan (1938)

The other day it struck me just how comical it is that Jeremy Corbyn’s elevation to Labour party leader was merely a horrible mistake. Comical that the party should do something so stupid. Even more comical that it should become so entangled in its own rules that it cannot unpick the situation.

The icing on the cake is that Labour supporters and the media have to pretend that everything is okay and having a major political party led by bunch of raving totalitarian loons – yes that’s perfectly fine.

Hmm –

Well it struck me as funny at the time, but now I’ve written it down...


Sam Vega said...

He is living proof of the law of unintended consequences. Many people all choosing something completely different from his leadership, but getting precisely that because they couldn't all agree on the same thing. Like all wanting something different to eat at a restaurant, and ending up with a huge communal plate of shit.

People used to think that literacy and tolerance were prerequisites for a functioning democracy, but I'm beginning to think a sense of humour is more important. The best bit, as you say, is the media and commentators being forced to take it seriously.

A K Haart said...

Sam - I think you are right, a sense of humour is more important. Some of the most powerful attacks on political and social silliness do have a touch of humour.