Monday, 11 November 2019

When a picture paints few words

Luminaries from the world of nice pictures have decided that oil giant BP needs a little more money while people in Scotland need a little less art.

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh has said it will no longer show the BP Portrait Award exhibition.

"We recognise the need to do all we can to address the climate emergency," National Galleries Scotland said.

The prize is run by London's National Portrait Gallery and has been sponsored by the oil giant for 30 years.

Maybe the whole thing is a piece of performance art.


Sam Vega said...

I imagine the CEO of BP is now writing huge numbers of letters to arts and philanthropic organisations, begging them to please take some of his money

wiggiatlarge said...

Even the British Museum is under pressure to refuse donations from BP, so far they have resisted but for how long as one by one the institutions cave in, the smug looking protesters here....
are as usual a small minority seemingly far more influential than their status suggests, but that is now the norm small group large fuss and everyone apologises and climbs down, time to change big time.....

A K Haart said...

Sam - yes and I'm tempted to burn a little more diesel on longer car journeys so he can give a bit more.

Wiggia - the British Museum should go further and ask if it can have the arts money too.