Sunday, 3 November 2019

Grandad, did you vote against the communists?

Admittedly it’s an over the top title, but how does any sensible person cast their vote at the forthcoming general election? The House of Commons has been a disaster zone ever since the Brexit referendum unexpectedly kicked it in the nuts and none of the parties has any credibility left.

The Lib Dems don’t care about the referendum result, the Greens are fascist extremists and Labour has saddled itself with a bunch of idiot communists. Does a Leave voter abstain, vote for the Brexit Party or vote for Boris?

To my mind the only thing to do is vote for the person who seems to be the most capable and pragmatic local candidate. The trouble with that is we have political parties calling the tune and at the moment we have some outstandingly malign and undemocratic parties, particularly Labour.

Hence the title of the post. We need to vote against extremist loons and however unpalatable it may be to admit it, the Tories are not extremist loons. Conservative in name only perhaps, closet socialists perhaps, somewhat loony perhaps, but not as viciously extreme as the alternatives. A vote for Boris may be unpalatable, but to my mind there is no pragmatic alternative.


James Higham said...

Dear oh dear, I shall not comment on where he’s taking us. Very much an extremist. Sigh. Enough from me.

A K Haart said...

James - it is like zugzwang where there are no good moves but even not voting is a move.

Sam Vega said...

I'm torn between Conservative and The Brexit Party. The latter because they actually want to get us out of the EU and they haven't lied to us yet. But it might of course be a wasted vote or, worse, allow Corbyn's lunatics in. I'm keeping an open mind until the day, as to those 2 options. It will be interesting to see how the pills develop now Nigel has launched his campaign.

Sam Vega said...

That should of course read "polls", but I'm not ruling out taking drugs either, if the going gets worse!

microdave said...

"I'm not ruling out taking drugs either, if the going gets worse!"

You're not the only one...

Grandad said...

Grandads gave up voting a long time. With age comes wisdom and experience.

Scrobs. said...

Like Sam (above), I will be torn between Conservatives and The Brexit Party.

Here near Tunbridge Wells, the Conservative vote would deteriorate a few days after hell froze over, but as the council are utterly incompetent as well, Greg Clark (if he stands), will be someone to ponder over if The Brexit Party decide to promote a candidate from the newly-formed Alliance Group. These people started to get anxious (rightly) about a huge white elephant of a 'people's palace and theatre', which was due to cause mayhem and enormous un-calculated costs.

Its these sorts of issues which make one's decision a quandary. I'm really not sure yet. The others of course, can be forgotten immediately.

wiggiatlarge said...

We are where we are, lumbered with a house full of parties and individuals very few of us would choose to put our cross against on the ballot paper.
My constituency is a Con safe seat and despite the MP being a leaver in a leave constituency he caved to Mays deal straight away and has said no more, even in these times I simply will not vote unless the TBP have a candidate so at least I can show my discontent.
It has come to something when one is torn between voting for one shower of shit because the alternative is worse, none of them care about public perception or the country as long as they achieve their goal, power and self interest.

Anonymous said...

Up here, it's got to be tactical voting - for whoever is most likely to defeat the Natz.

A K Haart said...

Sam and microdave - I'm not ruling out drugs either, assuming we are allowed to count alcohol. Probably beer in my case.

Grandad - I quite like voting even though it is generally pretty futile. I like the way politicians suddenly wake up and wonder how to connect with voters.

Scrobs - the Brexit Party is appealing if one party is virtually certain to get in anyway. In our case things are slightly less certain.

Wiggia - I agree, it has come to something when we have to choose between shits.

Anon - not a great choice from the sound of it.