Thursday, 7 November 2019

Fried bread

Autumn Colour

Yesterday we headed off on one of our favourite moorland walks, knowing it wouldn’t be too boggy. Before setting off we popped into a popular cafe and treated ourselves to a traditional bacon and egg breakfast with most of the usual goodies – bacon, egg, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms and of course fried bread. A rare breakfast for us but most enjoyable, especially the fried bread.

I’m not sure why fried bread is so delicious. Really it is only a kind of fatty toast, but delicious it certainly is. I could have eaten more but nobly restricted myself to one slice.

The walk was fine in spite of the cold, low cloud and poor visibility. Very autumnal it was, with lots of colour still left on the trees. It rained continuously as we made our way back off the moor but that didn’t detract at all from the walk. It can be very atmospheric walking in the rain, especially after fried bread.


Sackerson said...

Our father's generation had a weakness for it.

Sam Vega said...

One of my favourite breakfasts is fried mushrooms on toast. I always make sure there is plenty of oil, so that I can soak the toast with it. Profoundly comforting, especially in winter.

Scrobs. said...

Bring on the marmalade!

A plate designed in Heaven!

Doonhamer said...

It has to be fried in all the juices resulting from the prior frying of bacon, sausages, black pudding, haggis, mushrooms, tomatoes, Lorne sausage, and whatever and immediately after the eggs with max heat.
Then the pan is left clean and the fried bread is at its best.

wiggiatlarge said...

Comfort food from that utilitarian period during and after the war, bread and dripping was in the same zone, the dripping of course had to have some real beef or pork sediment or stock in it for flavour.

Scrobs. said...

Mrs O'Blene has asked me to make a further comment...

As it was darn cold when we arose this morning, she suggested 'Eggy Toast', which is of course, 'French Toast', if you live in France, 'Belgian Toast' if you live in Belgium, Italian T... (that's enough toasts - Ed), and jolly good it was too!

Of course, I suggested that we could have fried the bread first, then added the egg, but at that time of morning, Mrs O'Blene is somewhat forthcoming with her stern looks, and I feared that such a look may be accompanied by a frying pan belt on my lid, so I stopped suggesting, and reached for the ketchup bottle instead...

It's much safer that way, don't you know!

A K Haart said...

Sackers - mine too, although not so much when stories about animal fats hit the headlines.

Sam - we are keen on fried mushrooms on toast too. The big juicy mushrooms especially.

Scrobs - marmalade on fried bread? Never tried it but it sounds pretty rich. I haven't tried eggy toast for ages but I don't know why. Must try it for breakfast one morning.

Doonhamer - yes that's the best way to do it. I used to have a cast iron pan and didn't need to wash it afterwards.

Wiggia - I recently had some chips fried in dripping - best I've had for ages.