Sunday, 26 July 2015

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

A view of the Lyme Regis promenade from the bus stop shelter - taken around noon today. The sea was quite inviting but we didn't venture in.

According to climate scientists the weather should improve if we pump more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As our Chinese chums have been doing their best in this respect, I'm not so sure the climate boffins are on the right track. Unfortunately official figures suggest 97% of them are bonkers, but surely they'll get something right eventually? 

Come on chaps -  pull your socks up!


Macheath said...

I take it you resisted the temptation to step out along the Cobb, à la French Lieutenant's Woman.

On a similar topic, you may find this interesting, not least for the discrepancy between title wording and content:

A K Haart said...

Mac - the Cobb was off-limits - too dangerous.

There is something odd going on with predictions such as a six metre sea level rise because I suspect nobody genuinely believes them. They are rhetorical devices disguised as science which tell us more about human behaviour than the environment.

Anonymous said...

Delightful, are you thrown out of your digs after 9:30 am until 18:00 and fed well boiled cabbage - all in the manner traditional?

Curiously the Dutch think they can cope with seal level rise but here in the UK we simply don't have enough newt counters to allow a single stone to be moved.

Sackerson said...

Like the first pic.

graham wood said...

"According to climate scientists the weather should improve if we pump more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere"

In which case I will do everything possible to increase my "carbon footprint" which is already in the oversize class.
Should I increase the size and output of my little wood-burning stove to an unprecedented level of carbon output, or is that an unfriendly move for our neighbours? Mind you, I'm not aware of anybody in our area dying of carbon poisoning.

Demetrius said...

Given the way Chinese markets are going down, we could all freeze. For me the wet weather is a welcome relief.

A K Haart said...

Roger - there are no cooked meals on Wednesdays because Mrs Satterthwaite doesn't cook on Wednesdays and hot baths are extra.

Sackers - I wonder if impressionism arose from a habit of painting in bus stops on rainy days.

Graham - if we really believed in predicted temperature rises we'd pump out as much CO2 as possible.

Demetrius - we don't mind it. We have wet weather gear and it can be very atmospheric.