Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Greece - a not so cunning plan


Government offices are part of a great scheme for the manufacture of the mediocrity necessary for the maintenance of a Feudal System on a pecuniary basis — and money is the foundation of the Social Contract.
Honoré de Balzac - Melmoth Réconcilié (1835)

As we gaze at the EU/Greece debacle it is worth reminding ourselves that this is the kind of thing government planners bring about. Political stooges deliver the narrative but it is superior officials living lives of comfort and security who appear to imagine they have the gift of foresight. As far as one can see, to milk their golden gift it is merely necessary to gather them around a table with coffee and biscuits on hand.

The euro is a planned currency - planned by EU officials. Greek membership of the euro was a planned event - planned by EU officials. The resulting mess wasn’t planned of course, but messes, even humongous messes such as this have the “lessons learned” file already bulging with excuses in time for the next coffee and biscuits session.

That’s the link between economic disaster in Greece and those wind turbines dotted around the landscape. Plan for the future. Your future that is – not the EU planners’ future. Theirs is a life of comfort, coffee, biscuits and planning. Their future is assured.


Demetrius said...

Wind Turbines, did you see the story in the Telegraph and maybe elsewhere that a scientist suggested that low frequency sound below usual and normally identifiable levels causes problems for many people? The spokesperson for the industry said that existing science, note existing, said it didn't and it was irresponsible to suggest it might or to research the matter.

A K Haart said...

Demetrius - yes, inaudible low frequency sound has been a contentious issue for a while because it can cause all kinds of problems. I've been up close to big wind turbines and didn't find the noise excessive, but wouldn't want to live near one.