Tuesday, 21 July 2015


meltdown source

Journalism seems to suffer from cliché meltdown at the moment. I blame the global warming brain virus.

Ashley Madison customer service in meltdown as site battles hack fallout

Labour in 'absolute meltdown' over welfare cuts rebellion as Andy Burnham admits it is a 'mess'

Colleges ‘face finance meltdown’

The Gawker meltdown and the Vox-ification of the news media

Bubba Watson meltdown: Two-time Masters winner loses it on the 17th at The Open

Meltdown in China has helped India with some FIIs taking aggressive bets in Nifty futures: Analysts 

Labour in meltdown over 'horrific' surge in support for hard-left leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn

Nonhle Thema on her Twitter meltdown: I was suicidal

US calls for review of HFT rules over bonds meltdown

Brockton Market Basket thriving one year after meltdown

Dustin Johnson’s latest meltdown comes one day early

Further education colleges face financial meltdown, NAO warns


Sam Vega said...

Is it a summer thing? When the weather turns cold, will we be "gridlocked"? Will we "feel the chill"? "Snowed under"?

A K Haart said...

Sam - maybe so. It could be wishful thinking too - during a dullish summer we have regular news meltdowns to compensate.

graham wood said...

Ah yes, its that "warming" thing again is it? Wellit seems one place where there does not seem to be any meltdown is the Arctic:

"Just one cool summer caused the much-worried-about Arctic icepack to swell by no less than a third in 2013 and it has grown even more since - more than making good its losses during the previous few years. Meanwhile of course, the southern sea ice around Antarctica has continued to spread out and cover bigger areas all the time, a circumstance which has frankly stumped climate scientists as their models cannot account for it. Antarctic ice hit a new all-time record last year, in fact"
Bit of a forlorn hope really!

Sackerson said...

Economic meltdown presumably owing to the China Syndrome.

Sackerson said...

Great minds think alike, AK:

Demetrius said...

It's the humidity, it makes the brain freeze.

A K Haart said...

Graham - "their models cannot account for it" in the good old days that would have meant their models were wrong. Now they just bolt on yet another ad hoc theory.

Sackers - crikey yet another batch of meltdowns. Roll on the cooler weather.

Demetrius - sunny afternoons in the office with no air conditioning. I know the feeling. At least I did - these days I just have a beer.