Monday, 11 March 2013

Huhne-Pryce game drawn

So the Huhne-Pryce game was drawn – eight months each.

I have no sympathy for either protagonist and as a politician I loathed Huhne, so the result is politically satisfying.

Yet I find a small voice inside me isn’t quite satisfied. Perverting the course of justice was their crime so they have duly received a custodial sentence. Fair enough. Or is it?

I’m not a legal bod, but that small voice is insistent, because what they actually perverted was the course of three speeding points. Justice seems a rather grandiose take on that to me, even though I understand well enough why the legal tumbrel takes that particular route in these cases. The law shall not be mocked.

Although again, these two people were not mocking the law, but trying to avoid three speeding points. Nobody was actually harmed and nothing real or abstract was actually mocked.

A harsh outcome in my view. Not that I’ll lose any sleep over it.


Sam Vega said...

Point taken, but a spell in chokey for Huhne is just so emotionally satisfying that I can't help believing that some higher purpose is being served. If it is not justice, it might be Karma, a form of transcendent beauty that normally lies dormant, or even the will of God. I suppose part of me desperately wants it to not be random; that way, we might find it manifesting again in the careers of Cameron, Blair, and countless others.

A K Haart said...

Sam - it's satisfying right enough. I don't want it to be random either, but it may well be.