Friday, 1 March 2013

Eastleigh makes his mark

"Well Eastleigh, did you vote as I suggested?"

"Certainly Sir Nicholas, I always vote for you Sir, always have always will."

"Good man."

"I thought to myself when I made my mark, I thought Sir Nichloas is going to sort out the hole in my roof. None o'them other rogues is nothing like as generous as Sir Nichlolas I said to myself."

"Of course, of course. It was a damned close shave though. Too many radicals about for my liking - not a good thing for the country you know, Eastleigh."

"No Sir Nicholas I know that all right. They bain't made no promises about my roof neither..."

"Of course they haven't old chap, but never mind your roof for the moment Eastleigh."

"No Sir, of course not. Beggin yer pardon Sir Nicholas."

"You see Eastleigh I need a few names. Do you have the names of some of these radical scoundrels who so nearly upset the apple cart? If so, be a good chap and let my steward know when he comes round."

"I certainly will Sir Nicholas, I knows a lot on 'em. You can rely on me Sir."

"Good man... I say Eastleigh..."

"Yes Sir Nicholas?"

"I seem to have left my purse somewhere. You don't have a shilling about your person by any chance."

"A shillin' Sir Nicholas?"

"Yes - I need to stand a round of drinks at the inn. Tradition and all that Eastleigh."

"Well I 'as this 'ere shillin' I was keepin' by for some bread an' drippin' Sir Nicholas..."

"That'll do old chap. Now I must be off I have some celebrations to sort out."

"About my roof Sir Nicholas -"

"Pop round to the Hall Eastleigh. I'll tell the ostler to let you have a shillings worth of straw for that roof of yours."

"Thank ee Sir Nicholas, that's most kind of you Sir. But if I could just..."

"Must be off now Eastleigh, I have important things to do. Run along now, there's a good chap."

"Yes Sir Nicholas."

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