Sunday, 24 March 2013

Gardening notes

Ah - spring has officially arrived at last! The birds are singing and fine weather is just around the corner, so perhaps it's time to get outside and turn our thoughts once more to the delights of gardening.

Winter pansies - past their best.

For example, this pot of winter pansies seems to be a little past its best, so for me the big question is - what should I plant for a glorious summer display? With global warming in full swing, I think we all have to bear in mind the rather dry or even arid conditions all those climate scientists have been predicting for our gardens. Succulents spring to mind immediately of course, but cacti are worth bearing in mind too.

Bird bath - full to the brim!

While we're on the subject of dry conditions, it's a good idea to keep a sharp eye on the bird bath. This time of year there is often enough precipitation to keep it topped up naturally. Ours is now full to the brim as you can see from the picture, so our feathered friends are not forgotten!

Magnolia - all ready to burst into flower

Speaking of which, the magnolia is one of our old friends too. Doesn't it look healthy, with all those buds just ready to burst into flower? Not long now before we see it in its full glory and I for one can hardly wait!

All set for a glass of wine!

Of course it isn't all toil in even the best kept garden, so now is the time to dust off the patio furniture in preparation for those sunny days when all we want to do is relax and sip a cup of tea. Or even something a little stronger! Mind you, I draw the line at whatever those climate scientists are on!

Toodle-oo till next time.


Demetrius said...

What about a bit of weeding?

James Higham said...

Classic! And everything classic gets stolen. :)

A K Haart said...

Demetrius - can't see a single weed at the moment!

James - (:

Sackerson said...

Snowdrops looking pretty. And so well camouflaged.

Sam Vega said...

Recently I found this:

a bunch of Buddhists getting argumentative about global warming. Amazing how everyone has an opinion, isn't it?

A K Haart said...

Sackers - yes, although I may have trodden on one or two.

Sam - it is amazing, although to me the Buddhists seem more laid back and clear-sighted than the usual AGW forum.

I sense that uncertainty as regards actions and outcomes plus the manipulative nature of human behaviour are seen as key issues. Which of course they are.