Thursday, 21 March 2013

Climate train wreck

There are now two kinds of people with some understanding of climate science, sceptics and liars. The climate change scam is turning into a train wreck and everyone keeping the score knows it.

The most delightful thing about the climate train wreck is that it is happening so slowly. Global temperatures have not risen for about fifteen years which is not quite as predicted. Even worse, people are losing interest as the wild-eyed threats lose their potency.

Even George Osborne has decided to back shale gas in spite of some loud and predictable squealing from fellow travellers still inside the wreckage, still hoping their tickets are valid. Tickets paid for by us incidentally.

One by one, Mother Nature hoists the liars by their own petard, but she isn’t rushing at it like an amateur. Oh no – this is a finely honed professional job. Her knives are sharp and the day is long.

She is taking her time, season by season, year by year. Clearly in no hurry, one might almost think she is enjoying herself. I certainly am.

Her cruelty is the stuff of legend – red in tooth and claw and all that, but I never thought she would sink her mighty talons into the plump, quivering flesh of climate alarmists - not in such a deliciously heartless way.

Her subtle, dispassionate screwing of their silly predictions would be much less fun if she screwed them quickly. Reaming them slowly by increasing the pressure over fifteen years has a certain natural justice to it.

It’s positively artistic.

Of course train wreck spectators must temper their enthusiasm with a touch of caution in case Mother Nature turns her icy stare in our direction.

So applaud her softly and enjoy the show. We’ve earned it.


Woodsy42 said...

I have been thinking on these lines too. My predictions are on my blog, I guess that over the next 10 years they will have to protect the carbon income streams and the recipients of the subsidies while admitting it is actually getting colder. The only way to do that is keep CO2 as a pollutant but change the story.

Demetrius said...

This is a French locomotive and high on carbon emissions. Too high at the stime which is why it went through the buffers, over the concourse and into the street.

Thud said...

I was never taken in by the agw con for a single second, a vicious concoction of lies and theft that one day will be consigned to history.

banned said...

Last week the Daily Mail famously devoted 4 pages to bolloxing AWG but some journos simply cant stop themselves.
An article in todays online edition

Massive volcanic eruptions wiped out HALF of life on Earth 200 million years ago

includes the following bland statement so familiar to us all.

mega eruptions may have caused climate changes so sudden that many creatures were unable to adapt - possibly on a pace similar to that of human-influenced climate warming today...


A K Haart said...

Woodsy - maybe, but huge numbers of scientists will not swallow the CO2 is a pollutant story.

Demetrius - good analogy!

Thud - I hope so, but there are some real nutters out there.

banned - yes, one minute they get it right and the next minute they repeat some ludicrous nonsense pumped out by vested interests.