Saturday, 9 July 2016

Barren Old Trout Gambit Backfires

Did Andrea Leadsom really try to hint that Theresa May is a barren old trout and therefore lacking a full repertoire of touchy-feely sentiments so essential to modern politics? Possibly it wasn't meant that way, but surely the Useless Home Secretary gambit would have been more dignified.

From the BBC

A row has erupted after Conservative leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom was accused of suggesting that having children made her a better choice to be prime minister.

The Times quoted the mother of three as saying having children meant she had "a very real stake" in Britain's future.

She later said she was "disgusted" with the interview's presentation.

Leadsom may be disgusted with the interview's presentation but it's too late now. The move has been made. I don't think much of May but this all sounds desperately naive to me.


wiggiatlarge said...

It would appear that the Times is refusing to release the full audio tape of the interview and is selectively only releasing part, the interviewer Rachel Sylvester has already backtracked on her Andrea "promoted the subject" line and admitted she did actually introduce the subject.

Leadsom probably should not have risen to the bait but but that is modern journalism.

James Higham said...

It will be interesting to see how this vote goes. Seems it might go either way.

Sam Vega said...

Even if it was a deliberate gambit, I'm not sure we can say yet that it has backfired. People in the media will criticise her, but the idea has been planted where it matters. "She maybe oughtn't to have said it, but that Leadsome woman does have a sound point. Having children does make you a different person, and - I like to think - a better one, at that..."

James is right. Could go either way. Both are bullshitters, but I'd prefer Leadsome if she is more inclined to follow through on the main Brexit promises. I'm a bit sick of politicians whose confidence outstrips their convictions.

Henry Kaye said...

My only reaction to all of this having listened to everything that was provided on the TV, was that I continue to be absolutely disgusted with ALL journalists.

Sam Vega said...
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Demetrius said...

Leadsom has a lot to learn and too much and too quickly even if she is up to it. This is not looking good whichever which way.

A K Haart said...

Wiggia - Leadsom should have been more circumspect.

James - the tighter the better.

Sam - I'd prefer Leadsom too, but not if she is as naive as she seems to be.

Henry - I saw a quote somewhere suggesting that journalists and politicians are much the same.

Demetrius - she does have much to learn, but if she becomes PM the learning will be heavily controlled.