Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year resolutions


As 2013 looms into view, now may be a good time for some new blogging ideas. There are lots of possibilities and one that occurs to me immediately is that I have yet to use the words stochastic, nethermost or metempsychosis. Still, that’s an omission I’ve already rectified.

So what else it there to say about words? Obviously blog posts use a lot of them – too many in some cases. How about padding things out with some made up words such as cleggsnout, crumeron or millyband?

New phrases could be useful to. How about Socratic blunder, mist bucket or dream it while you can? For all I know they aren’t even original, but it’s easy enough to think them up. Is it worthwhile though? Does it reformulate the narrative, or is it merely a mist bucket?

Naturally enough, thoughts such as these lead one to fondle the possibility of writing about modern management with all its multifarious possibilities for fun and gambolling in delightful wordy pastures.

I’m rather attracted by the high frivolities of management speak, but would people see through it? Would I betray my lack of genuine expertise by a snigger in the subtext?

Maybe not, because there is surely a high degree of safety to be found with infecund jargon. Anyway, a few imaginative words or phrases judiciously misapplied will surely add some heavyweight lustre to my usual meanderings.

It’s certainly a thought and thoughts are always welcome as I’m sure the Lib Dems are only too well aware as they wonder if Cleggy had any while digesting the sixpence in his Christmas pud.

How about inventing a whole new management theory? It doesn’t matter too much what the theory says about the real world, as long as nobody can pin it down to specifics – as with all high-impact, multi-edged management theories.

Intermarginal Robustness Theory for example – or IRT as we newly minted management experts call it. It may only be an acronym at the moment, but that can easily be changed with a few case studies and a chart with arrows on it.

Of course one has to be wary of adding links to such intangible writings, but for rather obvious reasons there are no links in this post anyway.

Happy New Year.


Sam Vega said...

"How about inventing a whole new management theory?"

Short story plot alert! What about the person who writes a new management theory as a piss-take, but ends up being taken seriously? Especially if the theory itself contains something about gaining the confidence of others...

A K Haart said...

Sam - good idea. I'll run it past critical stakeholders in the New Year!

James Higham said...

Alternatively, you could keep on as you have been.

A K Haart said...

James - I probably shall!