Sunday, 9 December 2012

If the killing snows come

With heavy or early snowfalls already reported in China, Canada, USA, Sweden the UK and many other areas of the northern hemisphere (where most climate babble originates), we may be at a political turning point in the climate change game.

If the coming northern hemisphere winter (2012/13) is severe, with unusually heavy snowfalls and low temperatures, however we choose to define these measures, then the cold winters are mounting up.

“Look at this! This is just hard to believe. I just want too, again, people get a little nervous when I start talking about the climate aspect of this, but this is how the Little Ice Age began. In Europe there was an attack of one cold winter after another. This is the fourth one in a row that severe to record-breaking cold has entered Europe.”

In which case, if the northern hemisphere winter of 2013/14 turns out cold too, then we could see major political upheavals as current energy policies are finally seen for the foolish scams they are.

This could even begin just over a year from now – not long to wait. Of course the climate is unpredictable and we don’t know how coming winters will pan out, but how will the climate establishment change its game if severe winters become the norm? If people die?

Because surely the critical political point here is that global cooling would be another golden opportunity for them. An opportunity ripe and ready for exploitation, apart from having to adjust the warming mantra we’ve been hearing over the past few decades.

So, if we do get a few more severe winters, how will they hop nimbly from warming to cooling? Because they will.

Fudging the climate models seems to be the best bet as it has worked well so far, but surely switching from warming predictions to cooling predictions would be a little too cheeky, wouldn’t it? Yet the climate scientists and their useful idiots aren’t going to slink off into the snow. Not after pushing the climate scam this far.

Of course we don’t know what the climate will do, but if global cooling becomes obvious even to climate scientists? If the killing snows come while we are still building windmills and haven’t even begun fracking? Then what do we do?

What we actually do will depend partly on what the climate does and how quickly. If asked to guess between warming and cooling though - how would I guess? Well given all the caveats and given that I’d really prefer warming and given that it is just a guess anyway, my guess would be...



Anonymous said...

Cold Winter - fat Churchyard so they say. Liberates locked-up capital - good for Osbo - an ill wind that blows no-one any good.

I will reserve judgement until 2022 or 2032 and see what the averages look like - mind you measuring the 'average' looks difficult. Three swallows doth not a Summer make.

Demetrius said...

Back to 1947? Make sure you have enough shillings for the meter.

James Higham said...

Have to smile at all this in the light of my Russian experience.

A K Haart said...

Roger - you are right - we really need far more good data. I'm just guessing - as are the pros.

Demetrius - we survived 1947, but I think there'll be much more moaning if it comes round again.

James - ah but they are used to it.

Sobers said...

If we got a 1947 or a 1963 style winter nowadays the country would be a disaster zone. People are completely detached from reality now, by technology and the safety zone of H&S etc. They have no concept of danger outside the immediately obvious (and not even always then) because they have been protected from the consequences of their actions (by and large) all their lives. The country would be at a stand still, with most likely considerable numbers of deaths due to a) expensive heating costs leading to OAPs freezing to death in their homes as they were afraid to turn the heating up, and b) stupidity (accidents obviously, and people driving off into the white snowy yonder with zero provisions/plans for the unexpected).

As for the effect on the 'Climate Change' brigade of such a winter (or series of winters), unfortunately it would have zero effect. They are so brazen now that they would proclaim it evidence of climate change without so much as a blush. There is virtually no weather we could have now that would not be claimed to be 'evidence of climate change' in some way or other. Short of another mini Ice Age I can't see them admitting they were wrong.

A K Haart said...

Sobers - I agree with you, we are neither prepared nor resilient enough and people will die.

As for the AGW crowd - yes, the only thing that may stop them is serious and rapid cooling. If it occurs, it may be serious, but isn't likely to be rapid. The senior people probably have plenty of time to retire.

banned said...

How long was the gap between predictions 'nuclear winter' or New Ice-Age and the first mouthings of Global Warming?

A K Haart said...

banned - very short as far as I can see. About late seventies to mid eighties at a guess.

Woodsy42 said...

Maybe we could use all the windfarms as giant fan arrays by driving them and making them blow in warmer air from whichever part of the UK is warmest? Or maybe not.

A K Haart said...

Woodsy - or use them as giant propellers to move the UK to warmer climes!