Friday, 22 June 2012

Google and malware sites

According to this report by PC Pro, Google spots 9,500 new malware sites on the web each day.

Google is discovering 9,500 new malware sites every day via its security tools, the company said. Google's Safe Browsing tool was launched five years ago to protect against malicious content and phishing sites in search results, and now issues 14 million search query warnings every day.

“We protect 600 million users through built-in protection for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, where we show several million security warnings every day to internet users,” Niels Provos of Google’s security team said in a blog post. “When we detect malware or phishing, we trigger a red warning screen that discourages clicking through to the website.”

9.500 new malware sites a day sounds a lot, but Netcraft estimates there are a total of 644 million websites on the internet, so 9,500 is just under 0.0015% of the web.

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