Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Time for a change

Unreliable wind power
Guest post by Roger - a comment on This is the problem.

Perhaps we should nationalise the electric companies and resurrect the CEGB. You might remember them - solid folk with solid experience who knew one end of a boiler from t'other. Run by a min of power who knew most of the steel and cable would be made in our own backyard and the boilers would be planted on top of our own coal mines.

While the boilers still function perhaps we should stoke them with the entire parliamentary crew and the mandarins and hope they don't choke the flues! Their replacement? Hire only those who have horny hands and/or numerate degrees. Nice boys and girls with PPE or Meeja experience can go to the back of the queue for about 50 years.

My main beef is not so much with PPE and Public Relations types per se, but I reckon we have had too much of it, time for more solid fare - by about 2062 we should then be ready for a more amusing diet.


Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

While I quite concur with your suggestions regarding alternative boiler fuels, I am old enough to remember the CEGB, and the pleasures of the Three-Day Week and other periods of homework by candlelight throughout the seventies, so I'm not quite so keen on the nationalisation idea.

The Interwebs won't work without electric, which in my more conspiratorial moments leads me to conclude that this is one of the reasons environmentalists are so keen on clamping down on generation.

A K Haart said...

Brian - I remember the three day week too, although I tend to blame Heath.

I like your theory about environmentalists wanting to clamp down on the interweb via generation. Hadn't thought of that!

James Higham said...

Perhaps we should nationalise

Who is "we", Roger?