Saturday, 26 October 2013

Deadly Pole to Pole

Watched Deadly Pole to Pole, a cbbc show with Grandson this morning. It is a natural history show for kids. The episode came from Somerset Island, Nunavut, Canada, inside the Arctic Circle.

In spite of too much hype for my taste, the show seems quite well designed to capture the interest of young people and turned out to be free of AGW propaganda.

That may have been due to unexpected problems with sea ice (from about 4.50) although why this was unexpected is dismissed as weather and left unexplored. Remarkable shots of a polar bear climbing a cliff from about 2.00.

Steve and the crew continue on their epic Pole to Pole journey and head south to Somerset Island high in the Canadian Arctic, but as they leave Svalbard there is one last deadly encounter to be had. Steve witnesses some extraordinary behaviour as he watches a rock climbing polar bear scale a huge sea cliff in search of food. With the Svalbard part of their journey finished it's off to Somerset Island where Steve goes in search of some head banging musk ox, a rather curious Arctic fox still in its pristine winter coat and also the ghostly white whale. But it seems the weather is against them, as for the first time in 40 years the ice hasn't melted (my emphasis). Will Steve and the team succeed in their mission to see the beguiling Arctic beluga whale.

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