Saturday, 21 April 2012

Told off

We use rechargeable electric toothbrushes and the other day mine began to beep at me most insistently. It also flashed an angry little bright red light. It turned out that the charger had become unplugged and the thing was reminding me that its battery was a little short of tooth-brushing vim and vigour.

Now I rather like modern technology, but a chap does tend to pause and think sour thoughts when he's just been told off by his toothbrush.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Ha! Have you ever tried driving one of these new cars will all the electronic stuff beeping at you?

My 1997 vintage has a warning light for handbrake on (fair enough) and if you take out the ignition key and open the door without turning off the lights first, it beeps at you (also fair enough) and that is the end of that. It doesn't care if you drive without a seat-belt or anything.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"with" not "will".

A K Haart said...

Mark - the Mazda MX6 (1994 vintage) I blogged about earlier was exactly like that. Warning light for handbrake and a discreet beep if you took out the ignition key and opened the door without turning off the lights.

My current car (2010) speaks to me about phone numbers in a pleasant female voice if I press the wrong button and I still don't know why.

Sam Vega said...

My toothbrush and car used to tell me off all the time, along with lots of other equipment. It got so bad I had to shout back at them, and then my family made me go to the doctor. I had a lovely stay in a big hotel, and now I'm back home everything is quiet and the machines don't conspire against me any more providing I keep taking the pills.

I haven't voted Liberal Democrat again, either.

A K Haart said...

Sam - have you checked those pills by taking one apart? It might have a tiny little microchip - clever chaps doctors. And are you sure it was really your family you came back to?