Friday, 6 April 2012

Google - Project Glass

You will probably have seen this clip on Google's Project Glass. It doesn't float my boat at all, but I suppose it's coming to a nerd near you sometime soon. I hope the music is optional.

Will it tell me where I've left things though? Well with a tiny video camera recording my daily life I suppose it might.


Sam Vega said...

Very mixed feelings. Great for people who value truth over lies ("No, I didn't say that at all, and if you would like to check this recording, you will see that..."). And as you say, I would mislay fewer things.

But on the down side, I'm sure there is the risk of sending inappropriate material to the wrong people. And if it is so good, why do I have such a pervasive feeling of gloom having watched the clip?

On another perplexing technological issue, are you able to post comments on Duff & Nonsense? DD was ranting about new technology, and since then I have tried to upload comments and nothing ever happens. Any thoughts?

A K Haart said...

Sam - I have mixed feelings too. There is something very controlling and almost robotic about it.

I've had a problem leaving comments on DD's site too. It just hangs. I think I'll try again today and drop him an email if it doesn't work.