Thursday, 7 November 2013

Pedestrian power

Video of a driverless Nissan Leaf being tested in the UK. The stated aim is to test it on public roads if permission is granted.

Note how the car reacts when a pedestrian walks into the road. Changes the balance of power between motorist and pedestrian doesn't it? Cyclists too presumably.


Woodsy42 said...

Excellent. So if we all decide to drive carefully down the centre of the road that'll work out OK?
Actually if the rest of Europe did the same it would avoid all those problems of driving on the 'wrong side' when abroad.

Mac said...

Remember the old Irish joke? They decided to start driving on the right. They would start with buses and trucks and if this proved successful it would be applied to cars and bicycles later....

A K Haart said...

Woodsy - we just leave it to the cars to work things out between themselves.

Mac - that's the civil service approach too.

Demetrius said...

What I want is a car that will do the shopping as well. But will this mean we could go out to a country pub for a pint or several without the bother of being tested?

Anonymous said...

On the subject of cyclists vs. cars I would urge you to read Rod Liddle this week over at 'The Speccie'. His opening sentence gives you the flavour:

"Like many people, I am worried that too few cyclists are being killed on our roads each year."

Nigel Sedgwick said...

Well, having seen better, I think the embedded video was less kind to the 'driverless' car technology than other attempts.

However, I have 2 challenges for all driverless cars:

(i) Go from Beaconsfield to The Barbican (City of London) and back.

(ii) Go from Beaconsfield to Edinburgh and back.

In both cases, arriving (and within 1.33 times my journey time from the same start time).

And another two challenge, appropriate for the Edinburgh run:

(iii) Fill its own tank (including not paying more than 2% over what I pay for the whole run).

(iv) Avoid stressing the bladders, patience and other needs of any and all passengers.

All journeys to be made with departure times of my choosing.

Best regards

A K Haart said...

Demetrius - crikey that's a thought isn't it?

David - if only I could begin a post like that!

Nigel - "Avoid stressing the bladders" that's putting me off already, apart from everything else.