Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Snow wardens wanted

The Star tells us:-

Volunteers are wanted to help clear snow and ice from the pavements over the winter months.

Derbyshire County Council wants more snow wardens to help coordinate snow clearing activities in local communities and to provide updates on road conditions.

The council’s deputy cabinet member for jobs, economy and transport, Councillor Dean Collins, said: “Severe winter weather can really damage the local economy.

Surely some mistake - isn't snow a thing of the past?


Sam Vega said...

I read that they are keeping Derbyshire as a "winter heritage centre" where they produce snow in factories and spread it around to give a wintry ambiance which helps the economy.

Our local authority has put in a bid to be "flood misery world", but the word is that we might lose out to Lewes or Uckfield.

Sackerson said...

There's no business like snow business, like snow business I know...

Demetrius said...

Do they pay you out of their slush fund?

A K Haart said...

Sam - "find the dead sheep" competitions are suited to both scenarios too.

Sackers - snow joke though.

Demetrius - yes they do, the one they have salted away for a snowy day.