Monday, 27 August 2012

A vote for rigor mortis


A real problem with politics is taking it seriously. I find it genuinely difficult and I don't think it's an unusual attitude. When the best leader you can hope for is a passably benign liar, then it isn’t easy to offer one’s support to this side or that. Political analysis is a headache too, because mainstream political players are so balls-achingly ghastly.

Most world leaders are appalling shits. A small minority are not quite so shitty, but generating enthusiasm about matters of degree is not appealing. For example, Obama may be a dud US president, but is Romney likely to act as a barrier to current global trends? Is he destined to isolate the US from the antics of global bureaucracies – from the creeping rigor mortis they are so busily imposing on what's left of democracy?

Even if Romney gets himself elected, millions of US citizens will still have voted for Obama, will still believe the wrong guy is in the White House, will still act, speak and plan accordingly. 

Even if Romney makes it and accomplishes something substantive, he will still have hordes of opponents determined to rubbish every move he makes, fervently committed to reverse it all at the next election.

Too much political talk centres round leaders and much of it has little practical value because leaders rarely deliver. They promise to change trends and start new ones, but only rarely are such promises within their gift.

Trends are by definition more powerful than the forces opposing them. Until that changes, neither do they.


Anonymous said...

Monarchs need Barons, Dictators need Warlords, Prime Ministers need Murdochs. Without support - dead meat. So far so obvious - but the tricks of the trade?

Never deliver all the goodies - keep some back - remember the 80/20 rule - The Treasury will.

You cannot afford to do a proper job - put up a front - and don't let on.

Cultivate your enemies, you need enemies. If necessary encourage them - but don't let on.

Keep the rich rich. They pay you to look after them - but don't let on.

The economic tide ebbs and flows, nothing you can do - but don't let on.

The bottom 30 percent are useful as voters - feed them crumbs before election time.

The middle 50 percent love and hate you in equal measure - no need to feed them.

The top 20 percent pay you and tell the 80 percent how to vote - so it's a no brainer, just don't let on.

Someone has to run the show, but never ever let on how it's done or you will disturb the Brouwer Fixed Point.

A K Haart said...

Roger - yes I like that - dishonesty really is the best policy, but never admit it.

James Higham said...

Wasn't going to post again today but you've made me.

A K Haart said...

James - thanks!