Sunday, 5 August 2012

Electric sales

According to Daily Tech

Ford's electric Focus hasn't had much luck in the sales department during 2012, and this was evident in July's numbers.

The electric Ford Focus, which is a 5-door hatchback electric vehicle (EV) that was first produced in December 2011, had a total of 38 sales in the United States for the month of July.

This was a pretty big drop from the 89 Ford Focus Electrics sold in June. However, for the total seven months of 2012 so far, the automaker has only sold 135 of these EVs.

Climate change certainly has those US car buyers worried doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Cost, battery capacity, battery life, resale value. OK around Knightsbridge, useless elsewhere - pull the plug.

The petrol engine was useful within five years of its invention, the electric car has been around over 150 years and still no good and the problem has not changed - batteries. Nature is a harsh mistress - but I love her.

Angus Dei said...

And it's a Ford......

A K Haart said...

Roger - "Nature is a harsh mistress - but I love her."

Agreed! In the end she defeats the charlatans which is fun to watch.

Angus - yes, I haven't bought a Ford since I had warm the spark plugs of my mark II Escort under the grill on cold, damp mornings.

Angus Dei said...

I haven't bought one since the prefect i had back in the early seventies broke down in the lion enclosure at windsor safari park...