Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Another one!

Sam Vega's comment on the previous post raises an even more chilling development :-

I would also suggest that George Osborne is the result of a CIA or similar programme in implanting microchip technology into humans.

"OK, gentlemen, you have already proven that we can control thoughts and emotions in subjects via skull implants. 

Now your challenge is to see whether you can take a totally undistinguished and third-rate subject and use the technology to get him into a position of real power. Choose a friendly but declining country country - I suggest the Brits or Portuguese - and see if you can maintain power and semi-credibility for, say, three years. 

Gentlemen, if we can do this, then we move on to the bigger prizes..."


James Higham said...

Night be one of the Annunaki. I do think he outranks Dave though. Dave's statement that GO will not be replaced in the life of the parliament does smack a bit of decree.

A K Haart said...

James - I wonder who else outranks Dave?