Saturday, 19 May 2012

No chance

The EU is at a crossroads. The euro has been embroiled in such turmoil and uncertainty that your government is impelled by the sheer pressure of these extraordinary events to reassess our relationship with our European colleagues. 

Some have indeed asked for a referendum on our membership of the EU and although I hear what you say, the time is not right for the divisive forces a referendum would inevitably unleash, especially now in these difficult and delicate times. A referendum is inappropriate, dangerous even.

Yet your government must act responsibly at all times and at least admit what is clear for all to see. The EU has been a monumental balls up and it's time to go. With that in mind....


Sam Vega said...

Why is our premier now singing the Eton Boating Song while being sick into a waste-paper basket? And who are those men with black balaclavas and silenced pistols?

Anonymous said...

I feel slightly sorry for Dave, thought he had won and found the prize a poisoned chalice - 'events dear boy'. Now surrounded by vicious colleagues calling for a 'strong leader' - a classic reaction of those who were well spanked as children.

Millybean must privately think 'thank heaven I didn't win'. As I see it our problems were a long time in the making and will be a long time a curing - current strategy is to inflate the problem away but this will take a good 10 years and several parliaments. Snag is MP's incentives are to get re-elected at any cost (to us!) and may try some foolish kick-start measures - windmills, trains, submarines. Worse still are the incentives to cut front-line staff - nurses, care workers, soldiers etc - why? because to get rid of the brigadiers and admirals and mandarins would crystalise massive redundancy payments.

Ideally Dave should cut from the top down and sod the payments - won't happen though - not even a long-term plan to avoid this mess in the future.

Anonymous said...

"With that in mind...."

Ah, yes, but that presupposes a mind in the first place!

A K Haart said...

Sam - those men may be his new speech writers.

Roger - yes, Dave isn't ruthless enough to do what would be in his own best interests.

David - there's not much evidence of one is there?