Sunday, 27 May 2012

Where does it go?

I cut the lawn today as it was looking a little shaggy. I don't use a grass box, so the cut grass just blows back onto the lawn and my feet. Have you ever noticed how quickly cut grass disappears off a lawn? It just seems to shrivel up and vanish well before the next cut.

I wonder if it's high-speed biodegradable or it just blows next door? Maybe it's piling up in huge drifts against the fence. They haven't said anything though.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is an underground economy at work, the worms sell the clippings to the moles who take them to underground recycling centres and 'Mr Big' aka badger who has cornered the market. He then sells to the garden centres, the profits being offshored by the accountant fairies who live under the woodshed. Sounds just as likely as microscopic animacules munching the cuttings up for free - and a lot more likely than the stories told in Parliament!

Woodsy42 said...

If it's long I someimes cut it without the grass box, then a few hours later go over it again with the box to pick it up - by which time it's dried out and has much less bulk and doesn't clog the mower. The prosaic explanation being that it's mostly water.
But on the other hand I think Roger's explanation is much more philosophically satisfying so I think I might adopt that belief instead.

A K Haart said...

Roger - "a lot more likely than the stories told in Parliament!"

It certainly is - I can't see anything unlikely about your version anyway.

Woodsy - that's a good idea. We do it with leaves on the lawn, but haven't tried it with old grass clippings.