Thursday, 3 May 2012

The same as creationism?

The National Center for Science Education thinks that challenging the official line on climate change is much the same as promoting creationism.

The social controversy over climate change is in part due to climate change denial. In order to defend and support the teaching of climate change, it is important to understand — and be able to rebut — arguments about climate science, and to understand why people choose to attack such well-tested science. “Climate Change Denial” provides the essential tools, and also describes how climate change denial is already threatening the integrity of science education.

Scientists who study the Earth’s climate today and who investigate past climates agree that global temperature has increased rapidly and significantly in the last 150 years. We’re also seeing similarly dramatic changes in other aspects of climate and related effects on ecosystems, including the distribution of rainfall, storm activity, extinction of plant and animal species, and seasonal change.

It's quite difficult to parody nonsense such as this - where people have their heads so far up their tight little green arses that one almost wonders what the view might be like on a fine day. Limited I imagine - and a little samey.

The climate fanaticism of this lot is certainly enough to give evolution a bad name and that's surely something to ponder.

I suppose in some ways it's only another nail in the coffin of our collective sanity. In that case, at least a mourner's role has its compensations.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes, the lefties love pushing the line that if you don't believe in global warming then you must also believe in creationism. GLobal denialism and creationism are both somehow "right wing" and therefore go together.

A K Haart said...

Mark - as an atheist I find it quite weird to be classified in this offhand way. You get a sobering glimpse of just how crazy people can be.

Sam Vega said...

"The social controversy over climate change is in part due to climate change denial."

Quite the most disturbing sentence I have read for quite a while. Analytically and meaninglessly true, a bit like the opening sentence of a third-class undergraduate essay. And slyly political, as an attempt to define a position into the losing side. I'm not sure whether the person who wrote this is thick, malevolent, or both.

Courage, AKH! There is no such thing as collective sanity. Just higher or lower concentrations of sane people. If you can spot insanity, then you are sane.

A K Haart said...

Sam - thick and malevolent I'd say. In a furtive, holier than thou sense at least.

Fortunately I think most of us can spot insanity, but too many decent people seem content to let the nutters have their say without demur.