Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Where are current social and political trends taking us? What’s the endgame and when will we know once we are playing it for real?

Vague questions I know, but there are some extremely malign social and political trends out there and no clear indication of what it will take to slow them down. The machine is built, the machine is working and it isn't on our side.  

The UN and the EU for example. Is either of these machine-like institutions ever likely to become democratic? Are they ever likely to limit their ambitions?


Of course not and in some ways it’s barely worth analysing why. Yes, we have to if we have any sense of responsibility, but it’s hard work. Mainstream ignorance is very well funded and likely to stay that way. Democracy is collapsing all over the world, but there is no merit but honesty in saying so. So far it hasn't had much effect.

What does that imply? I don’t mean to state the obvious here, but these issues have to be raised over and over again if we are to have the remotest prospect of a favourable endgame. Otherwise it's checkmate in two generations - maybe less.

Maybe this is the endgame.


James Higham said...

Good comment:

Mainstream ignorance is very well funded and likely to stay that way.

Demetrius said...

Having just waded through Gleich on Chaos Theory again, can there be an endgame or will the events simply move onto another plane or into another form? If humanity cannot last then we just have Earth not as it once was but in another phase of change.

A K Haart said...

James - yes, it has far, far deeper pockets than many realise.

Demetrius - although outcomes are unpredictable, declines seem to have unpleasant outcomes on the whole.