Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Easy to tell

One consequence of Brexit, Trump’s election and the coronavirus debacle has been how easy it is to tell if  people we know rarely go beyond the mainstream media for their news. Those who habitually watch BBC news for example. It’s pretty obvious from their conversations.

Not a new development of course, but recent years seem to have sharpened the distinction. That’s the internet presumably – in spite of the fake news. Some people do their own digging behind the major stories and some just don’t.

Doesn’t seem to be particularly divisive in my limited experience, but it could be and there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that it is divisive for many people.


Ed P said...

I haven't watched any TV news at home since 2018. At first it seemed I might be missing news, but t'net provides much better coverage (and varied opinions) about the whole world, not just the very narrow focus of TV news.

But in the last 6 months I have been spending a week every month with my brother-in-law, who is dying and bedridden. He watches the news all the time, BBC, C4, Sky, etc. - it's torture for me having to endure the same lies, half-truths,omissions and almost complete lack of news of world events (apart from the constant attacks on Trump). And of course, like most people addicted to BBC 'news' output, he's not interested in any other views.

As the attacks on freedom of information continue around the world, it'll soon be difficult to see past the globalist smokescreen - a dystopian world I anticipate with foreboding.

Sam Vega said...

The BBC appears to be a dangerous echo-chamber for extremists. The type of extremist who is a middle-class wokeist dullard, and they are, I would submit, the current greatest threat to us here in the UK.

Scrobs. said...

When I have a spare moment, I wonder what would have happened to the BBC, if the covids hadn't arrived from China?

They survive on such spartan facts and stats, that nobody has a clue what's going on now - I certainly don't, but there again, common sense tells me that if I go near a potential risk, I move in the opposite direction.

Seems to work so far, and I don't need anything the awful BBC says, as the 'Law of Scrobs' kicks in - to suppose the opposite to what they're saying!

DiscoveredJoys said...

Yesterday the BBC sent me an online poll invite to inform them of what I thought of the BBC and its services. I told them, in measured words, with barely any invective, and a call for less opinion and more balance.

I answered the final question about 'value for money' with the most negative answer available. Typically this question was designed and asked as the last one so that people would reflect on their earlier answers. I did.

James Higham said...

I get my news from our sites, usually better, more sane.

A K Haart said...

Ed - I haven't watched any TV news for years either. Your brother-in-law visits sound grim. It isn't easy to bite your tongue when people repeat obvious drivel from the TV. We tend to avoid current affairs when visiting poorly-informed friends or relatives.

Sam - I'm sure you are right. I sometimes reflect on the fact that millions voted for Corbyn and what that implies. Not often though - too disturbing.

Scrobs - that's a point - what would have happened to the BBC? More of the same I suppose, a steady decline in its viewing figures, although I haven't checked those for ages.

DJ - interesting - I hope I get one of those. Maybe they hope the high profile of the coronavirus mess will have some kind of positive effect on their reputation.

James - so do I, plus a few regular site visits. Mostly as a pointer to other sources or other issues of interest.

Anonymous said...

I recognise the issue some of you describe - the impossibility of discussing anything to do with Trump with my family.
I've learned just to keep my thoughts to myself.
I also have a suspicion that we may see the 'cancel culture' ratchet things up a few notches in the UK soon.

A K Haart said...

Anon - I think you are right and we in the UK may well see 'cancel culture' ratchet things up. A dismal prospect but the omens are not good.