Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Woke narks

Not new but worth posting as the season of goodwill approaches.

Harry Miller, a former police officer from Humberside, was investigated by police over a poem that he posted on Twitter.

A “cohesion officer” from Humberside Police telephoned Harry and told him that, while his tweets had not broken any laws, he should not to engage in political debate on Twitter “because some people don’t like it”. The officer cited 30 ‘potentially offensive tweets’, but the police have so far refused to identify the tweets they deem to be offensive.

Although no crime was committed, sharing the poem online was recorded as a hate incident.

Many people who are awake rather than merely woke will have come across this issue many times. Apart from pushing the role of thought police in a supposedly free and democratic country we also have the issue of police informers to consider. 

Potentially    Woke = Nark

In any public place including social media, anyone who is aware of modern political trends must think about being overheard by a self-appointed informer when speaking of matters social or political. Has it come to this; that we have to be wary of police informers when no crime has been committed? Yes it has.


The Jannie said...

Shouldn't these wasters be doing something about crime instead of spending OUR money arse-licking their political masters?

Sam Vega said...

I heard Harry Miller on the radio, explaining the events. I was extremely heartened by it, as he is intelligent, well-informed, and not intimidated. We may have a police force which is in many respects unfit for purpose, but we also have quite a large group in the general population who don't stand for nonsense. My hope is that social media will allow people to share so much of this creeping bullshit that the plod will start to think carefully before acting on their woke impulses.

A K Haart said...

Jannie - yes but the arse-licking can be done from a warm office.

Sam - I share your hope and maybe with Harry Miller and others we are seeing some major positive changes building up. Not easy to tell though.