Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Men and boys

It is inconceivable that these persons were ever boys, they have certainly not grown up into men; one cannot call them womanish—the women of our race are made of different stuff. They belong to no sex and it seems a pity that they should belong to any nation; other nations probably have similar encumbrances, but we seem to have more of them than we either desire or deserve.
H H Munro (Saki) - The Toys of Peace and Other Papers (1919)

I'm not doubting the biological masculinity of these guys. I'm sure they count their balls and come up with the traditional answer, but something about their public demeanor isn't quite manly.

Perhaps it's a reflection of political correctness, a fear of gender politics or something else, but our leaders seem to lack something any man should have if he deserves to lead.

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but furtive, untrustworthy, ambivalent, sanctimonious, sycophantic and two-faced don't quite fit my idea of manliness. These creeps have nowhere near enough inclination to tell it as it is and take the consequences. We had a hint from Cameron with his reputed "green crap" comment, but a better man would say more and say it publicly. 

Even wit would be a pleasant change. Real men were allowed to be witty once upon a time.


Sam Vega said...

"Perhaps it's a reflection of political correctness, a fear of gender politics or something else"

These men are chasing the middle ground, where their analysts tell them the votes are to be found. Too masculine, and they alienate those that don't like that sort of thing. Not masculine enough, however...

Andy Dan said...

"but our leaders seem to lack something any man should have if he deserves to lead"
They lack an experience of "life" None of them has worked at anything or run anything. Politics has become a profession. Their aim is to deceive without being caught out, make the right sounds, and as Sam says, to chase the middle ground. Does any of them have a hobby even? Does Miliband tinker with old cars, Cameron wood carve maybe, or Clegg go plane spotting? I doubt it, but even that would make them more likeable.
Farage has twigged there are votes to be won from their mediocrity, but he's a charlatan too.
They are all a complete disgrace and will never get my vote. If this is democracy, I'd prefer a benign dictatorship.

Michael said...

I think 'a profession' is too good a description for these people, they're not professional, they're wheeler-dealers like Arthur Daley, only less likeable.

The trouble is, they get paid huge amounts from the public purse, to muck around as they want to.

They're all pretty despicable with one or two exceptions I suppose, especially the guy who works somewhere near Reading and doesn't ever claim expenses...

I think I loathe all the 'main' parties, and at my time of life will vote UKIP, just to put the cat among the pigeons.

A K Haart said...

Sam - I agree, they aren't masculine enough although I'm not sure how many see it.

Andy - I think it already is a benign dictatorship which prefers to keep quiet about these things. Agree with you about hobbies, but even if they had one we'd suspect it of being more PR.

Michael - blimey, an MP who never claims expenses?

Demetrius said...

Old Liverpool expression: Wet Nellies".

A K Haart said...

Demetrius - Wet Nellie's what though?