Monday, 29 December 2014

The Beano

One of my Christmas presents was a copy of the Beano for April 23rd 1955 - price 2D. It's in good condition apart from some browning of the paper. As for the content it's much as I remember from almost sixty years ago. Biffo the Bear, Minnie the Minx, the Bash St Kids, Lord Snooty are all there plus a few I don't remember.

Private Eye are currently lampooning Cameron and his upper crust cronies via a take-off of Lord Snooty. It works rather well.

Two characters I don't remember are Red Rory of the eagles and Longlegs the desert wild boy

Both are more like the adventure stories I moved on to after the Beano. They seem out of place somehow, not quite the read it and toss it aside content I expected. 

Although I always retained a soft spot for the Beano, as I recall it there was nothing hugely amusing about the exploits of Minnie the Minx or Roger the Dodger. I never laughed out loud, or if I did it wasn't often enough to stick in my mind. 

They were just easily digested micro-stories with a tinge of improbable humour fitted into that narrow period between learning to read and wanting something more substantial than a comic. 

No doubt that was what Red Rory and Longlegs aimed to cater for but I think they may have disappeared not too long after this issue because I certainly don't remember them. 

Happy days? Yes they were.

I wonder what happened to Longlegs?


Mark Wadsworth said...

I did like the Beano as a kid, but I never found it particularly funny.

The only two exchanges which I still remember are...

1. Walter the Softy asks his mum "Mummy, why are your hands so soft?" to which his mum replies "Because I get Daddy to do the washing up."

2. Teacher at Bash St Kids school is teaching the kids to play football and shouts "Use the space!". A kid asks him "What does that mean?" and he replies "No idea, but that's what the experts keep saying."

James Higham said...

Memories there all right.

A K Haart said...

Mark - while watching TV with Grandson I've noticed that material aimed at kids often has a touch of adult humour as if writers want parents to find it mildly entertaining too.

James - yes, just handling the comic brings back memories.

John H said...

I can just remember (pre 1956) the 'Longlegs' strip: I think the character had a 'desert cat', a bobcat, as his companion.Somehow,it all seemed out of character with the rest of the 'Beano' content, maybe even 'iffy' to modern eyes. By '56 I was into more advanced comics that were mostly text-only,so the 'Beano' was dropped.

A K Haart said...

John - yes it seems out of character to me too. It was just before my time and possibly a relic of earlier, more story-based comics such as Magnet.