Monday, 7 April 2014

Maria Miller was peer-reviewed

For those of us interested in behaviour and language, the ghastly and demeaning Maria Miller affair also has another interesting aspect. Her activities were supposedly peer-reviewed by a committee of MPs. It comes as no surprise that the independent parliamentary watchdog doesn't think peer-review by MPs is a good idea.

Iain Duncan Smith was speaking after the independent parliamentary watchdog said MPs should "no longer mark their own homework" on ethics.

It comes after a committee of MPs overruled investigators probing Culture Secretary Maria Miller's expenses.

There is no real alternative to personal integrity. Peer-review is no guarantee of anything and isn't restricted to dodgy scientists.


Macheath said...

Reviewed by her peers indeed:

'Some of the MPs on the parliamentary committee that agreed a reduction of almost 90% in the amount Maria Miller was asked to pay back in over-claimed expenses are facing questions about their own expenses.'

A K Haart said...

Mac - as bent as a nine pound note, yet I'm still tempted to wonder why. Something is very wrong yet I'm not convinced that we see it clearly.