Wednesday, 16 April 2014


My log store

It's that time of year again - when I finally give the woodburner a well earned break until those deliciously chilly autumn evenings return. It's also the time of year when I stock up on a fresh load of logs. Even though they are supposed to be seasoned, I like to give them another year in the log store.

The pic above shows the interior of my log store after restocking yesterday - and this is only part of it. For some reason I buy more and more logs each year that goes by. I'll never manage to burn this lot unless we have a super severe winter lasting from October to March.

It's a grand sight though.


Angry Jasmine said...

But do you buy fat logs and then chop them smaller? That's what Germans do to pretend to get "back to nature", stacking them nearly along the side of the house.

Despite they all have central heating and double glazing and the wood fire is just for show.

Sam Vega said...

Great minds think alike, AKH. I have just finished stacking the first lot today. This is a major operation in a Victorian terrace, involving reserving a trailer tipping spot with planks and boxes, blocking the road when the load is delivered, and then multiple trips round to the back of the house with a wheelbarrow. Unlike you, I can never seem to get enough stored to last through the winter; so I might make a couple of trips for "thirty quid loads" in the car.
I like to spend a lot of time stacking them "properly". Then I sit on a crate with a cup of tea and aching muscles, and just look at them. And smell them, of course.
A strange and deep happiness.

A K Haart said...

AJ - I split most of them into smaller logs. These logs are not for show but for splitting and burning.

Sam - I'm lucky in that the log store is under the extended garage eaves so logs can be tipped on the drive and I can stack in comfort.

I agree about the smell. I'll be out there sniffing and admiring them every now and then. I don't actually talk to them yet. As I'm going to burn them, it doesn't seem right.

Anonymous said...

"I'll never manage to burn this lot unless we have a super severe winter lasting from October to March."

For God's sake, AK, keep your voice down, you never know who might be listening!

Anonymous said...

I burn about 5 tons/year and get a good price when buying 'all the snotty bits' that won't go through the logging machine. A longish job with the chainsaw though. But very satisfying to roast the toes on a cold night.

Demetrius said...

OK, I couldn't see it. Where's the pot still?

A K Haart said...

David - not the Mann?

Roger - It's certainly satisfying on a cold night. The room is much warmer than we'd ever have it with the gas fire. Somehow the stove gives us permission to toast ourselves.

Demetrius - hidden round the back, away from the prying eyes of the excise man.

James Higham said...

Global cooling?

A K Haart said...

James - I hope not, but it's as well to be prepared.