Thursday, 12 July 2012

A bureaucratic coup

Below are three of the best videos I've ever seen on climate change. Particularly clear and minimally technical, they are all by Dr David Evans.

The first two cover the science and the third covers the politics. If you know the science, skip to this one where he describes climate change as an attempted bureaucratic coup. That's the best description I've come across - it was and is an attempted coup.

First video – how and why we know that CO2 is not a significant cause of climate change. As Dr Evans makes very clear, all predictions based on the theory have failed. So simple.

Second video - Dr Evans points out how CO2 was only implicated in global warming via an artificial amplification parameter invented as a guess in 1980. Yes - it was a guess!

Third video – the politics – the failed bureaucratic coup behind climate change propaganda. I don’t quite agree with him here – the attempted bureaucratic coup will continue as sustainable development. It's a really good description though.


James Higham said...

That's for Sunday viewing.

A K Haart said...

James - I found it worthwhile.