Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Blog tone (2)

I’ve written a post before on blog tone, so as a true environmentalist I thought I’d recycle it.

One of the issues I have with the recent EU referendum vote, is to avoid ranting. I’m not a natural ranter, although there are some good ones around and I enjoy the distinctive tone of their vituperative skills.

But when it comes to MPs denying us a referendum on our membership of the EU, then I think it’s as well to change the tone, to give a nod to the gentle art of mild vituperation and let a few feeling loose. After all, this is a government colluding with the other main political parties to deny us a vote on an extremely important constitutional issue. Is that disgusting enough to get excited about? I think it is.

I don’t mind these slithering dimwits throwing away their own independence, but I do mind them throwing away mine. These soul-rotted media-whores masquerading as political leaders need to get a grip on their own puerile inadequacies, need to understand that there is a difference between honourable and dishonourable even if they haven’t heard of it yet and wouldn’t dare discuss it round the dinner table or in front of the servants, who in any case know them better than they could ever realise.

A few of their numerous moral superiors need to tell them what lies are and how juvenile it is to keep telling them and how they were supposed to have grown out of it well before Mummy packed them off to school with a disdainful kiss on the cheek. Or should that read Nanny?

Most of all, they need to grow up, to realise that people who have to do a proper job might actually know more than they do when it comes to real life. Real people might even know more than the furtive swamp of advisers infesting the body politic with their lightweight ‘abilities’ which seem to be much the same as those of their masters, somewhat negating the value of any advice they could possibly give.

Above all they need to tell each other the truth, explain to each other what disgusting little posturing shits they really are and how demeaning it is to be one of them. I mean – surely they know? Maybe they don’t.

Ah - that’s it. Mini-rant over.


Mark Wadsworth said...

"people who have to do a proper job might actually know more than they do when it comes to real life"

Indeed. That's why most politicians are specialists in things which don't exist, to avoid getting bogged down in this 'real life' malarkey.

David Duff said...

Well done, Haart, I'll give you A- for that effort and you are excused games on Wednesday!

You only receive a '-' instead of a '+' because you were too general in your rant. It always helps to personalise things. Pick a real dope - and God knows there are enough to choose from - and then put the boot in.

A K Haart said...

MW - yes, they prefer to float over real life.

DD - I know what you mean, but I'm reluctant to blame individuals. I think they get caught up in mutual silliness. a- isn't bad though.