Sunday, 23 October 2011

Blue badge

Out walking today. As we parked the car, a man and a woman set off in their walking gear - boots, walking trousers and one rucksack between them. They had parked in one of two disabled bays and had a blue badge displayed on the dashboard. The man didn’t have the rucksack, so maybe he was the disabled one – a heart condition perhaps.

Three and a half hours later we returned from our walk (a short walk) to find the car with the blue badge still there. Not particularly disabled then.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Well spotted.

Sam Vega said...


We report the sad death of popular local heart transplant hero Reg Wilkinson. He collapsed and died on his beloved "easy trail" with his distraught wife at his side. Sheila, 59, said:

"I had the mobile in the rucksack and was able to dial for help, but after the rescue team had taken him away it was three and a half hours before I was able to get back to the car and drive to the mortuary.

What made it worse was that someone had scratched "selfish twat" into the paintwork of our car..."

A K Haart said...

MW - thanks.

SV - I thought it was Reg. He set a cracking pace up that hill though, no wonder he keeled over.

James Higham said...

Always someone trying it on.

A K Haart said...

JH - yes - it creates cynicism which more seriously disabled people don't need.